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New Fly Srl

Shipping, Transport and International Logistics Company,
with registered office and operative seat in Thiene – Vicenza , established in 1998 by Riccardo Fontana, managing director and owner with a thirty-year experience in the field of international logistics, shows a top grade professionalism and technology.
New Fly Company is structured in such a way as to face the most different needs of the international logistics in a dynamic and technological way.
New Fly is useful and necessary for all those companies that nowadays measure themselves against and come across the great changes in a more and more developing global market.
With a capillary network of agents and professionals, New Fly offers the most exclusive services in the five continents.
Professionalism, discretion, dynamism, flexibility, exclusivity and technology make New Fly a unique and special partner in the main intercontinental markets.

Today our main objective is handling, managing and organizing your logistics at best.
With operative branches in the main Italian ports and airports such as Genoa, Milan, La Spezia, Livorno, Venice, Verona, Trieste, Naples and Rome.

Riccardo Marta
General manager
Sales dept./Operative
Stefania Micaela
Sales dept./Operative
Martina Nora
Accounting dept.
Sales dept./Operative
Language Consultant